welcome to the summer launch baddies

1 new product, 1 new size and 3 new fragrances 🩷

available in 2 sizes & 7 fragrances

say hello to body creams!

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welcome to glam baddie 🎀

self-care isn't just a routine—it is a celebration of femininity and the beauty of being uniquely you.

each product is curated to nourish your skin and inspire self confidence. you deserve to feel radiant and comfortable in your skin, so it is my mission to help you enhance your inner & outer baddie. step into your soft girl era with me and unlock the secret to your best self 🤭

introducing the core collection:

our most coveted and decadent

coconut cashmere

a rich symphony of fresh coconut, nutty pistachio, irresistibly sweet salted caramel layered with creamy vanilla and exotic musk 🧡

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magical and mystical gardens

unicorn dust

a mesmerizing blend that combines intricate floral notes of lotus blossom with the sweet allure of pink sugar crystals, intertwined with soothing wild lavender clouds 🦄

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tropical fruits and florals

guava lava

a passport to paradise with delicate notes of fresh hibiscus, the juicy sweetness of guava and the zesty tang of grapefruit agua fresca 🌴

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