about me

My name is Amira and I am the founder of Glam Baddie.

When the Covid-19 pandemic began, I lost my car, apartment and both of my jobs. I had lost faith and confidence in myself and was stuck in a severe depression.

My mental health and physical health suffered and I let go of taking care of myself. After months of self work and learning how to fight depression, I turned to self care to help me feel better within my skin. As I gained confidence, I wanted other women to feel the same empowered sense of self.

Putting on lip gloss was the first step to feeling good about myself. I just felt so happy and confident. I decided to share that with woman on instagram and Glam Baddie was created.

I started off with lip glosses and lashes. Later I began to experiment with body butters, scrubs and skin care. As my passion grew, I spent countless weeks of research, negotiating with vendors, learning packaging, shipping, marketing, website development. I read countless articles, searched through cosmetic libraries, experimented with tons of recipes, and fast forward here we are today. A beautiful community of over 200,000 baddies 💕

As I went through difficult times, I needed something to look up to. I wanted to become a Glam Baddie. Being a Glam Baddie is about being independent, the real you, the confident, self-loving fun you. I began being there for myself in ways that others couldn’t be, I made many new friendships and started doing more of what made me happy. I hope this inspires you to feel confident in yourself and feeling as beautiful as ever.